History Murmurs in Agra Fort

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History Murmurs in Agra Fort

Agra fort is considered as a World Heritage Site as accredited by UNESCO. It’s close to one of the seven wonders of world, the Taj Mahal. Agra fort was the main courthouse of the Mughal emperors therefore holds a strong historical significance. It was the destination for all scholars, ambassadors and travelers during that era.  History will sigh at your ears when you pass the corridors and doors of this old fort. Looking back at its glorious past may help you to understand what the old mansion will probably be saying to you.

Sikandar Lodi was the first emperor to live and rule from this fort of Agra. During his era, this was held as the second capital of India. Ibrahim Lodi, his son, stepped in the shoes of his father and started to rule the whole kingdom from here only. He was defeated by the Mughals in 1526 that captured Agra Fort and the Kohinoor diamond along with it. After the first Mughal king Babar, his worthy son Akbar took the baton of the large monarchy in his mighty hand and started to rule contemporary India from this Agra Fort. The story of the Mughals rolled on in its own pace until the British colonials choked the sovereignty of the country. But Agra Fort still stands as an emblem of the glorious battle of 1857 which was a threshold in Indian history.

As a tourist, you might not want to stay confined only within the stories from the past. For the more curious you, here are some quick facts about the fort of Agra. The Agra fort lies on a huge cut of land of 94 acres. There are four gates of the fort of which the Delhi Gate and the Lahore Gate are most popular. There are three Mahals or divisions in this great historic mansion which are respectively named as Bengali Mahal, Akbari Mahal and Jahangiri Mahal. The artifacts and the composite structure of the fort will tell you the stories of that era. You will truly feel that history murmurs in Agra Fort!

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