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The largest read and most widely circulated newspaper in Delhi and Mumbai is a Hindi language newspaper owned by Bennett Coleman & Co. Limited. Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd is the same group that publishes the popular daily newspapers like The Times of India, The Economic Times, Maharashtra Times and also magazines like Filmfare & Femina. Navbharat Times has a circulation of 4.23 lakh in the national capital and 1.3 lakh copies of the paper are circulated in Mumbai every day. Navbharat Times has held up to its reputation of being the number one newspaper in Delhi and Mumbai ever since its conception. The newspaper also has an online presence.

Inception of the Newspaper

Navbharat Times was founded in the year 1947. It became the first Hindi newspaper to use rotary machines for producing paper. The newspaper had only a dozen people as its staff and the paper was sold for an anna the first time it was published. Some of the renowned journalists took the command of the in their hands paper at that time and the paper soon became the first one to have its editions printed in the cities of Kolkata, Lucknow, Patna and Jaipur. 

Navbharat Times: Supplements

Hello Delhi: Hello Delhi is a section dedicated to Bollywood covering topics like Travel, Women, Style, TV and Movie masala. It comes with the main newspaper on all days of the week with an exception of Monday.

NBT Property & NBT Education: These sections are dedicated to acquaint the reader with the latest developments in the fields of real estate and education.

NBT Faridabad/Ghaziabad/Noida/Gurgaon: This section gives individual attention to the NCR regions and brings news from different parts of these regions to the fore.

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