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The Districts of West Bengal

West Bengal is the fourth most populated state located in the eastern part of India. The state was established on 1st November 1956. The state has two extensive natural regions: the Gangetic Plain in south and the Himalayan region in north. The capital of West Bengal is Kolkata, the third most populated metropolitan city in [...]

West Bengal: Beautiful Natural Charm

West Bengal is an Indian state located in the eastern part of the country. With a population of 91,347,736 people, it is the fourth most populated state in India. The state is spread out over an area of 88752 sq km and is bordered by the states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Jharkhand, Bihar and the [...]

Celebrate the Triumph of Good over Evil: Celebrate Dusshera

Dusshera also known as Vijayadashmi is a Hindu festival which falls on the tenth days of the Hindu lunar autumn month of Ashvini which falls in the month of September or October of the Western calendar-  from the Shukla Paksha Pratipada, or the day after the new moon which falls in Bhadrapada to the Dashmi [...]

Welcoming the Mother Goddess: Navratri and its Significance

Navratri is a Hindu festival of worship of Shakti (the mother Goddess in all her forms). The word Navratri literally means “Nine Nights” and during these nine nights and ten days the nine forms of Shakti are worshipped. The tenth day is commonly referred to as Vijayadashmi or Dusshera. Navratri is one of the greatest [...]

Discover a green paradise – Assam!

It has been described as a land upon which Mother Nature has showered her blessings to the fullest! From lush meadows to picturesque hills, exotic flora and fauna to brooks, streams and other water bodies…ready to tour what has been termed as the ‘Green Paradise’ of India? The gateway to India’s breathtaking northeast; Assam shares [...]

It will sweep you off your feet!Try the scenic Siliguri!

Lying at the foot of Eastern Himalayas, this scenic city providing some exceptional views of the snow clad mountains is the gateway to the beautiful North East! Located inSiliguri Corridor (Chicken’s neck), a thin strip of land connecting the mainland of India with the north east of India, Siliguri is a prominent town in the Darjeeling districtof West Bengal. One of the fastest growing [...]

Darjeeling : A dream destination!

Adventure tourism, ecotourism and cultural diversity all in one! Oh… did we forget to add breathtaking scenic beauty? That’s the beautiful Darjeeling Hill Stations, one of India’s favourite summer destinations tucked away at the foothills of the Himalayas! Literally translating to “the Land of Thunderbolt”, this charming hill station has been given the nickname ‘the Queen of the Snow [...]

Metro Ride in Kolkata

Have you ever enjoyed a tide in the metro rail at Kolkata (previously called Calcutta) in the eastern state of West Bengal? If not you have missed something in life! Visit Kolkata soon and explore the pleasure already enjoyed by the teaming millions. Are you ardent to know more- about the metro railways in Kolkata? [...]

Folk Dances of Eastern India: Unfold the mystical charm!

A land of diverse tradition and culture, India is a beautiful country to be a part of! Every state in India is known for its unique culture that is evident in different art forms of the region. When it comes to music and dance, almost every region of India offers us something specific and unique. [...]

Satyajit Ray and Indian Films!

Satyajit Ray is possibly the finest filmmaker from India to the west and undoubtedly one of the masters of world cinema. Although most of his films were in Bengali, yet his films are of great universal value and interest. His films were based on themes of reality such as emotions, relationships, struggle, joys, conflicts and [...]