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Arunachal Pradesh: The Land of the Rising Sun

Greetings, readers! We are back again with another series on one of the Seven Sister states of the northeast of India. This week, we bring you a series on the state of Arunachal Pradesh. We will talk about the state’s several components like geography, tourism, culture and other different appealing aspects. So, as we go [...]

Remembering Delhi’s Forgotten Wonders on its Centurion Celebrations : Agrasen Ki Baoli

Touring Delhi? Pick up any brochure or travel guide’s itinerary of the city and they will all be telling you about the following monuments that just cannot be missed! Qutab Minar Memorial at Rajghat Rashtrapati Bhavan Red Fort National Museum – the largest museum in India India Gate Garden Of Five Senses Bahai Temple Connaught [...]

India’s top 5 underwater sports destinations : Andaman Nicobar Islands

  If ever there was a watery heaven… then this most certainly would be it! Today we dive into the stunning Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a locale unlike any other in India that’s known for its exotic flora, fauna, marine life, corals, turquoise beaches and amazing underwater sports. Located 1,220 km south east off the coast [...]

Orissa’s ‘Cultural’ Capital : Cuttack!

A city with a rich historical past, Cuttack often referred to as the ‘Cultural’ Capital of Orissa, is one of India’s most ancient cities that dates back to 989 AD. Formerly the capital of ‘Odisha’, Cuttack also known as Abhinaba Baranasi Kataka in the medieval age, was established by the Keshari Dynasty (King Nrupa) as a military [...]

Captivating one & all with this charm and courteous people : Lucknow

Situated on the banks of the Gomti River, Lucknow is a city with a glorious past, one that takes tourists back in time… to the 13th century; with its numerous monuments and other architectural attractions. A city that was founded by Nawab Asaf-us-Daula; while in ancient days it served as the capital of the Nawabs, giving [...]

The perfect monsoon getaway : Vythiri in Kerala!

Kerala a place that’s almost synonymous for its houseboats (kettuvallom), but this time around, we are actually advising you to dump the houseboats & try something new! Want to experience a vacation like none other, where one can truly appreciate Mother Nature? Then try Vythiri, one of India’s most exotic locales, nestled in Kerala’s Sylvan Northern High [...]

Jaisalmer : India’s Golden Gem!

It’s the ‘Golden City’ in this majestic land of kings, exquisite palaces, forts & more…one that’s straight out of an Arabian Nights fable. Sounds interesting? Read up on this golden gem in the Thar Desert. Jaisalmer, yet another exquisite attraction that Rajasthan has for its tourists, a city known for its colorfully clad  joyful desert people, one that [...]

Exploring Karnataka’s glorious ruins!

It’s been referred to as the ‘Cradle of Stone Architecture?’Its temples are a must for art lovers, where one comes across some of the most artistically carved stone chariots, monolithic idols, open pillared pavilions, exquisite temples and more that never fails to capture the hearts of tourists. Ready to find out more about the heritage tourism [...]

A fairyland : Jaipur!

A destination right out of a fairytale! One that is home to many an exquisite palace and majestic fort that takes you back in time to the days when Maharajas ruled the land! So beautiful is this city known for its magnificent monuments, beautiful landscaped gardens, clear blue lakes and rich cultural heritage that it’s [...]

The Height of Beauty! Qutab Minar

 One of the identities of Delhi… as the Leaning Tower is associated with the city of Pisa… or the Eiffel Tower with Paris… so is the Qutab Minar one of India’s most noted monuments, towering way over other monuments, it is recognized worldwide as one of the world’s top ‘Most Famous Towers!’ Soaring at a height of 72.5 meters, thus ‘tower [...]