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Taking one back in time : Pudukkottai

A treasure trove of architectural wonder… today we take you through the former princely State of Pudukkottai that is famous for archaeological remnants of a glorious past. Situated at a distance of 390 km from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, this city founded by Raghunatha Thondaiman, has a rich past and was ruled by several dynasties in the past; […Read More]

A walk down memory lane!

India is a land that boasts of rich history and heritage, with studies / remains found in various states like Rajasthan, Gujarat,Bihar etc dating the earliest settlers to 400000 – 200000 BC and the stone age. Archeological excavations of Mohanjo-Daro and Harappa have also found remains of a highly civilized community that flourished in the areas of Sind, Baluchistan, Punjab, Gujarat that date back around 3000 […Read More]