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Jammu and Kashmir Religious Places – Part I

In our previous blog we went through some of Jammu and Kashmir’s interesting heritage sites that make wonderful visits. While shrines like Amarnath and Vaishno Devi need no introduction, today we take you through some important shrines that date back to ancient times. A land frequented by many rishis, munis, sufis, and more, these shrines are known not just for […Read More]

Experience unmatched beauty when you experience Jammu and Kashmir!

WhatsApp When most tourist sites in India take your breath away… just imagine what a state that’s nicknamed ‘Paradise on Earth’ can do to you!! Jammu and Kashmir-a state that has it all – from sun-kissed mountains to lush green valleys, exotic orchards, green pastures, alpine forests, beautiful gardens and crystal clear lakes … sounds wonderful doesn’t it? A true paradise of […Read More]