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Mecca Masjid: The magnificent architectural marvel of Quli Qutb Shah

When you visit the city of Hyderabad, you should definitely visit the Mecca Masjid which is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in the city. The Mecca Masjid lies at a distance of only 100 yards from the popular and momentous Charminar. About Mecca Masjid  Also known as Makkah Masjid, Mecca Masjid is one of the oldest Islamic shrines in […Read More]

The 'Pride of the Deccan' – Hyderabad!

So beautiful it’s often referred to as the ‘Pride of the Deccan’, Hyderabad one of India’s most spectacular cities known for its magnificent monuments, Mughal gardens, dazzling lakes, and more. Lending an air of romance to the city is the interesting legend related to its foundation. It’s said that a young prince Muhammad Quli fell madly in love with Bhagmati, a maiden […Read More]