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Backwater Destinations in Kerala: Truly Magical!

Kerala Backwaters happens to be the popular and sought after tourist destinations in India. The Kerala backwaters are wonderment and serenity redefined! The coastal regions in Kerala consist of a network of inlets from sea, waterways, and estuaries of more than 40 rivers, canals and lakes that links the coastal towns. This interconnected body of waterways is referred as the […Read More]

Sabarimala Tragedy: Wake Up India!

  Among the prominent and ancient Sastha temples in India, Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa Temple is situated in the Western Ghats of the Pathanamthitta district in the state of Kerala. Sabarimala Sri Dharmasastha Temple is among those few Hindu temples in the country, which is open to every type of faith. The cheap ampicillin Sabarimala shrine happens to be a remote […Read More]

Onam Festival: True Manifestation of Kerala's Culture!

Onam is the largest festival in Kerala. The festival reflects the faiths and traditions prevalent among the people in Kerala. It upholds the soaring spirit of the people to celebrate Onam with all the grandeur and fashion. It is also a harvest festival. This festival takes place in a time when everything around seems to be nice and beautiful. From […Read More]

Munnar: Serenity and Beauty Redefined!

  The ‘God’s Own Country’ welcomes you to the heavenly paradise of Munnar. Located at a height of about 6000 ft in the Idukki district of Kerala, Munnar served as the favored resort of the British rulers in the summer months.  Endless expanse of plantations, exotic flora and fauna, pristine valleys, rolling hills, captivating waterfalls, aromatic spices- Munnar has all […Read More]