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Celebrating Nag Panchami in India

India, the land shrouded in mystery and exotic charm… Think India… does the image of snake charmers and mystics come immediately to your mind?  Then the story of Nag Panchami will definitely be of interest to you! A festival celebrated across India on the 5th day of the moonlit-fortnight in the month of Shravan. According to the Hindu calendar, [...]

Celebrating Teej in India..

A festival celebrated with great fervor and excitement and observed with great religious sanctity, Teej dedicated to the Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is a festival celebrated across India,. It is in the state of Rajasthan and Jaipur however that this festival can be best enjoyed. A festival of swings and rain, Teej marks the dawn of the [...]

Looking for myth & legends?Try Assam’s religious sites!

While Assam is often referred to as a ‘green paradise’ one where Mother Nature has showered some choicest of blessings, it is also known for its share of myth and legends intertwined with the land! A land of not only scenic beauty, Assam is also known for its interesting temples showcasing some breathtaking architecture. Built [...]

Pushkar : A divine creation!

Ever wondered why Brahma considered the creator of the world (according to Hindu mythology) is only worshipped in one place in the whole world? For that we take you to Pushkar, a city that’s entwined with mythology! One of India’s oldest cities, this sleepy hamlet in Rajasthan comes alive during the month of Kartik (November) [...]

The Char Dham – A Divine Journey!

It’s one of the most noted pilgrim circuits in India with each site offering a history and significance of its own… Want to know more about Char Dham, the pilgrimage which according to Hindus is a yatra to the most revered sites they undertake to free themselves from sin and rebirth? A pilgrimage that constitutes visiting the [...]

Discover a green paradise – Assam!

It has been described as a land upon which Mother Nature has showered her blessings to the fullest! From lush meadows to picturesque hills, exotic flora and fauna to brooks, streams and other water bodies…ready to tour what has been termed as the ‘Green Paradise’ of India? The gateway to India’s breathtaking northeast; Assam shares [...]

The Rath Yatra, India’s splendid chariot festival

It’s one of the grandest of all temple celebrations spanning over eight days. Participated by thousands of devotees who visit Orissa especially to be a part of this spectacular celebrations, the Rath Yatra coming up next month is a festival like none other, celebrated in honor of Lord Jagannath the town’s presiding deity, where magnificent [...]

Rameshwaram : Reliving Indian Mythology!

Can’t decide whether to holiday as a tourist or a pilgrim this year? Then this temple town might be the ideal place for you! Considered one of the holiest places in South India, Rameshwaram is one of the Char Dham pilgrimages, also known for its enchanting beach. Lying at the very tip of the Indian peninsula, the Rameshwaram [...]