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Valentine’s Day Special!

While in our earlier blog, we told you about some of the most romantic places in India that make ideal places to spend your Valentine’s Day… of course not many are lucky enough to head out on a nice long romantic break at this time of the year. Today we take you through some great getaways, just a few hours […Read More]

Valentine’s Day Special : India’s most romantic destinations!

Come February and … love is in the air! A great time to plan a wonderful holiday with your loved one! A land known for its misty hills, snow capped peaks, white beaches, enchanting backwaters, mesmerizing deserts, and more; India is blessed with many scenic getaways that make ideal Valentine’s Day getaways! Kerala: One of India’s most breathtaking states; ‘God’s own country’ makes […Read More]

Great winter sports destinations in India! Himachal Pradesh

From skiing to ice skating, snowboarding, tobogganing and more… looking to doing it all this winter? Then Himachal Pradesh is the answer to your dream holiday! A must for any adventure sports enthusiast and one of India’s most scenic States, this State with all its winter sports facilities will surely allow you to flaunt your wild side! A State that has a lot […Read More]

Great winter sports destinations in India!

Winters are no doubt the best time to explore India…. the weather being perfect in almost most parts of the country. Being a large country the weather differs drastically in different parts, while the southern parts of India usually known to be hot and humid transforms into a traveler’s paradise, areas in northern India are blanketed in thick snow making […Read More]

Adventure Sports in India – Series I-India’s amazing hills & adventure sports here..

Heading for India? Well if your itinerary has only temples, monuments, fort, palaces, and other sightseeing … You just might want to make some major changes to it! From white water rafting to mountaineering, scuba diving and snorkeling, gliding, skiing, angling, fishing & more… India is soon emerging as one of the most sought after adventure sports hub!  Not to forget […Read More]

Uttarkashi : the beautiful Pilgrim destination

Ever felt like following in Julia Robert’s footsteps as Elizabeth Gilbert in the movie ‘Eat Pray and Love’ and leaving on a spiritual quest?… in pursuit of finding a meaning in life? An abode for many a spiritual destination, here’s one in India known for its many ashrams. Translating to Kashi (light) of the north, Uttarkashi located in the Garhwal Himalayas, is a place […Read More]

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