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Sarson Da Saag

If you haven’t already guessed from the word “da” in the name of the dish, Sarson da Saag is a culinary delicacy owing its origin to the Indian state of Punjab. If you had a chance to be a guest to a Punjabi household, or have a Punjabi friend/colleague/neighbour then you’ll probably know how Saag forms an integral part of […Read More]

Part II of our Haryana series : Great tourists destinations or adventure sports,try Haryana

While Haryana makes a great destination for any pilgrim / devotee with its interesting religious sites such as Kurukshetra, Jyotisar, Thanesar Pehowa and Panchkhula that are entwined with myth and mythology, there’s a lot more for other tourists apart from its religious sites! A great place to catch up on some fun and adventure as well, Haryana is known for […Read More]

Part 1 of our Haryana series : Haryana & its pilgrim destinations!

Founded in 1966, when the State of Punjab was divided into two, Haryana which translates to the ‘Home of Hari’ (Goddess Vishnu) is one with a rich history that takes you back in time to the Vedic ages! An interesting State to visit for its pilgrim sites, Haryana is well known for its temples, gurudwaras, mosques, and religious shrines. From finding its mention in […Read More]

Kurukshetra – Taking one back in time!

Known down the ages by many names such as Uttravedi, Brahmavedi and Dharamkshetra, here’s a pilgrim destination in India that is said to be one that’s responsible for guiding the oldest religion of the world. Definitely one of India’s biggest pilgrim attractions, Kurukshetra is a land that finds its mentions in sacred Hindu texts from ancient times A popular pilgrim centre, it is said to […Read More]

Chandigarh :Welcoming one & all with an 'Open Hand'

One of the most important matches was played in Mohali last night, wasn’t it ironic that it was in Chandigarh? A city that sports an ‘Open Hand’ as its official emblem… its significance conveying a symbolic message of peace and unity that is “open to give, open to receive”! While we welcome our neighbors from across the border with an […Read More]