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Going Gaga over Gandhinagar!

Gujarat’s well planned capital is where we end our series on the State. One of Gujarat’s most popular tourist destinations, it is home to some interesting attractions and unique landmarks. Named after the ‘Father of the Nation’, Gandhinagar, is India’s second planned city after Chandigarh, formed after Gujarat and Maharashtra were separated in 1960. Though Ahmedabad the State’s commercial capital […Read More]

Enjoying the beautiful Bhavnagar, Gujarat

An amalgamation of many former princely districts such as Jamnagar, Rajkot Champaner, Ahmedabad, etc is what makes Gujarat today such a tourist’s delight! As we take you through Gujarat’s many wonderful tourists’ destinations, one such interesting destination is Bhavnagar often referred to as the Cultural Capital of Saurashtra. Positioned approx. 228 km from the state’s capital Gandhinagar, Bhavnagar was founded […Read More]

Jamnagar, a Jewel on India's West Coast

Nestled comfortably on the Gulf of Kutch in the state of Gujarat, approx.337 km away from the state’s capital, lies Jamnagar buy Generic Paxil 10 mg one of Gujarat’s most attractive destinations, known for its unspoilt beaches, corals, exotic flora and fauna,  palaces, forts, temples, national parks and more. A land with a rich history, known as Nawangar in the […Read More]

Touring Rajkot, Gujarat

Retin-A to sale Today as India celebrates its Republic Day, we take you through a town  that played a significant role in India’s freedom struggle. Gujarat’s 4thlargest city, Rajkot is renowned as a town where the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi spent a considerable part of his early years. Once a princely State, in the past it served as […Read More]

How well do you know the Mahatma? 10 Interesting Facts about Gandhi’s Life

Today we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti, the birthday of Mahatama Gandhi, the father of the nation, who was one of the key figures in India’s freedom movement. He was known for his non violent protests which have inspired many around the world. Gandhi Jayanti is observed as a national holiday all through India, in all states and union territories to observe the […Read More]

Dwarka : A lost city rebuilt

treatment option Just like the Atlantis, here’s a city that lies submerged beneath the seas… captivating one and all with its legends and mythology! While the Atlantis is known for its Greek gods, the city of Dwarka is closely associated with several legends of Lord Krishna (one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu). Taking you back in time to 1500 BC here’s a city […Read More]

Gujarat Temples: Abode of Architectural Splendor!

  Well-known for its vibrancy and exuberant spirit, Gujarat is the abode of many religious places and temples. This holy land serves as a brilliant pilgrim puller all through out the year. The temples in Gujarat bear the true state of the bygone era and are surely a retreat to those who are in love with architectural splendors. Abode of […Read More]

Shopping in Gujarat

Apart from the various landmarks of Gujarat that has made this western state of India highly popular among the tourists, shopping in Gujarat also helps in attracting tourists from all over India as well as from the various parts of the world. In fact, shopping in Gujarat is such an overwhelming experience that your tour to Gujarat would be incomplete […Read More]