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Chola Kingdom: The Golden Age of Tamil Culture

  The Chola Dynasty was one of the longest ruling dynasties of the South India. The dynasty was the military, economic and cultural power of its time and has contributed significantly to the literature and some very significant contributions have been made to the devotional literature at the time. The Cholas were followers of Hinduism. The Chola Territories The present […Read More]

Taking one back in time : Pudukkottai

A treasure trove of architectural wonder… today we take you through the former princely State of Pudukkottai that is famous for archaeological remnants of a glorious past. Situated at a distance of 390 km from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, this city founded by Raghunatha Thondaiman, has a rich past and was ruled by several dynasties in the past; […Read More]

Monument Series : The Great Living Chola Temples

  No mention of India’s top monuments is complete without a visit down south! We now take you to the beautiful land of Tamil Nadu, home to some of the most spectacular temples in the world. A land of temples, this beautiful State houses nearly 33,000 ancient temples that can be found speckled all over. Of the many temples found here, […Read More]