Orphanages in India: How successful are they in protecting abandoned children?

India has a huge orphan problem. There are many orphanages in India that are ardently trying to solve this problem. Most of these orphanages are non-profit or charitable organizations that are dedicated to the welfare of the abandoned and destitute children in India. When a child loses his father or mother or both, the future of the child becomes uncertain. There is a stark contrast between the Bollywood and the US firms recruiting people in India and the homeless kids spending their days in hunger and poverty. Some of the famous orphanages in India include names like SOS Children’s Village, Bala Gurukulam, AIM Abroad, Care My Colostoy Org, Bhookh.com, Divine Children’s Home, Children Walking Tall, Manjushree Orphanage, and Hermon Orphanage. These orphanages in the country receive donations from different sources to run their social welfare activities. Studies say that India is home to the maximum number of kids who are under 18 years of age and this stands for 41% of the overall population of the country. What is more worrying is that approximately 4% of this population in the country or 20 million children are orphans.

Why kids are sent to Orphanages in India?

India is the second most populated country in the world and a significant part of the population are kids. Since a major part of the population of India suffers from financial adversities and other societal problems, many kids become destitute or orphans. Like every other social problem, orphan hood is a huge challenge, yet a staggering number of children live with it.

The population of India is approximately thrice to that of the population of the United States. However, the entire population is living in an area which is around 33% of the area of the United States. Food crisis, extreme impoverishment, natural calamities, shortage of rainfall, malaria, and AIDS are some of the factors contributing to the distressed condition of the people of the country. Misfortune has become a part of the life of destitute, especially orphaned children.

The number of orphan and impoverished kids in the country is quite high. These children don’t have any home of their own and they get shelter or resort in the various orphanages in India.

All these shelter homes and orphanages are sponsored by different non-government organizations (NGOs) across the country.

The orphanages in India offer shelter to the distraught kids who grew up in tough situations that separated them from the happiness of a family in their early days.

These orphans need affection, attention, kindness and edification.

There is nothing to be astonished that as a result of financial adversities and other socioeconomic situations, a large number of parents pass away, leaving their kids to a condition which is difficult to manage. No one comes up to look after them as they get abandoned or deserted due to their parents’ death. The circumstances are worse in the developing countries like India as no one is ready to assume their responsibilities. Lying on the roads, orphan kids become alarmingly susceptible and fall prey to gangs who forcefully make them handicapped with the intention of using them for beggary.

There is no gainsaying that kids are frequently deserted, especially kids with physical disability and infant girl children whose dowries are assumed to pose an intolerable economic encumbrance on their parents. When the baby girls are not deserted, they get killed shortly after birth which is known as infanticide or married to a person who is many years older than them. Foeticide is a widespread concern in India now and the situation is quite grave.

The orphanages in India are devoted to offering a steady and caring family ambience to deserted or mistreated kids in the country. They take both babies and older kids and don’t show any gender discrimination which means boys and girls are treated there in the same manner. Different facilities provided to them include accommodation, game room, libraries, well-resourced play area, and scope for extracurricular activities.

Buy Lasix Voluntary activities in Orphanages in India

It is a positive sign that India is witnessing a steady rise in the number of volunteers working for the various orphanages in the country. In India, voluntary help is quite necessary in these orphanages.

Volunteers help the kids in different areas such as learning and also take responsibilities of involving them into extracurricular activities. They also help kids in doing their home task and train them on subjects like personal hygiene. In most of the orphanages in India, volunteers stay on-the-spot with the kids.

What are the problems faced by Orphans in India?

The orphans in India are plagued by the following issues:

Child labor
Gender bias
Health issues

The need of the hour is to recognize the requirements of the kids. The different needs of the orphans in India can be categorized into the following:

Proper education
Recreational facilities
Good food
Medical facilities
Counseling/Guidance center
Future plan
Access to technology

However, there is some good news for the orphans in India. It has been predicted that the percentage of destitute children will go down by 2021 albeit the number will rise to 24 million from the current 20 million.

List of Orphanages in India

Given below are the names of some of the well-known orphanages in India:

“AADHAR” Home for Homeless – Belgaum, Karnataka, Bal Anand (World Children Welfare Trust India) – Mumbai, Maharashtra, Campaign On Child Right & Women Violation Organization Network – Bhubaneswar, Orissa, DEAN Foundation Hospice and Palliative Care Centre – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Ebenezer Home of Social Outreaches – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Florence Nightingale Orphanage Home for children – Vellore, Tamil Nadu, Garden City Jeevitha Anathshrama – Bangalore, Karnataka, Handmaids of the Blessed Trinity Orphanage – Vasai, Mumbai, Indian Association for the Promotion of Adoption and Child Welfare – Mumbai, Maharashtra, Janani Ashish Charitable Trust – Thane, Maharashtra, Kamakhya Balak Ashram – Kolkata, West Bengal, Lenity for Orphans Aged and Rural Development Society – Chodavaram, Andhra Pradesh, Mercy and Grace Orphanage – Hanuman Junction, Andhra Pradesh, Nether’s Economic and Educational Development Society – Srivilliputhur, Tamil Nadu, OASIS Home for the Orphans – Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, Pamela Martinez Orphange (Pathway) – Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, Professional Institute for Development and Socio Environmental Management – Kolkata, West Bengal, Real Improvement Grassroots Human Tribes Society – Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, Samalkot Orphan Home – East Godawari (District), Andhra Pradesh, The Christ Home For Children – Madras, Tamilnadu, Ummeed Child Development Centre – Lower Parel, Mumbai, Vanavasi Vikasa Kendram – Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh, Wings of Refuge Orphanage – Thane, Maharashtra, World Children Welfare Trust India – Mumbai, Maharashtra and Youth For Unity And Voluntary Action – Parel, Mumbai.



  • Really saying Orphanages in India is maintaining very difficulty. So really saying no body is trying to help orphan children. By Volunteering only it is possible to raise funds and run the orphanages.

  • really u all are doing gr8 job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
    it is needed for our country

  • Hi, we some guys are planning to start an orphan age can anyone suggest a good name please……

  • Hi, i am planned to help orphans.but i am a middle class girl. So i need some idea to build a charity on donations.suggest me pls…..

    • firstly research about orphanage near by d place u r living……………..then start taking help from ur frnds to do something for the orphans

    • The best plan acc to me is if ur a student just collect 2 to 5 rs daily from your classmates and at the end of the month put it in a bank..Then after 3 months donate that money in an orphanage…

  • We are looking for a genuine orphanage facing acute financial problem. We would like to assist them to come out of crisis. Our condition they will not accept any corporate/foreing fund once we start talks.
    Or if some orphanage wants to handover the orphanage, we are willing to take over and run it.
    Either way they can contact me to take things forward.
    Parag Paul Choudhury – 9874178949

    • hi…paul…if u know erragadda at mosapet …their is a orphanage with 30 girls …and the caretakers are planning to join these girls in hostel if u wish u can adopt them…

  • its a great job who wants helps orphns i am also want to build one orphn but i am student still i have dream to start in my future life pleas blessing me.

    • hi…initiation is more imp than dreaming..just start collecting some money from ur friends and donate it in an orphanage near by ur house..social service is not a matter of student or job holder ..just depends on our will..

  • i help orphans by visiting orphanages as possible as i can……………….
    but me too wanna build a orphanage………………in future

    • yes it is a good idea silpa to protect the orphans .i also want to protect the childs but i am waiting my time do something for them .best of luck for your dream


  • We have make a website for child development – http://www.sangam.org.in

  • We are acharitable and social NGO working since 1988 for the upliptment of slum and orphans children at Baghajotin, near Peerless Hospital..Can any one have a compassion for these neglected children to support them by any means of needs..?????for contact..+91-9674616840

  • Hi ! I’m a South African asain (Indian) male . I would like to volunteer for a month or more in a childrens orphanage in chennai .
    Please can somebody send me some information on orphanages that need volunteers . I will provide my own accomadation and food !!!!!!!!! Thank you and hope to hear from you soon !!!!

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