Musical Instruments of Rajasthan Fill the Soul of Every Indian

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Discover rajasthan, know about the musical instrumentsRajasthan is the most vibrant state of India. The state has contributed colors of happiness and harmony in the life of millions of Indians. The musical instruments of Rajasthan fill the soul of every Indian with cadence and timbre. If you want to discover Rajasthan, you have to discover the many musical instruments of the state. These musical instruments all have their origin in the magic land of Rajasthan. The vast desert sand, the scorching sun and the tranquil evening all tune up finely with these instruments and create a Seventh Heaven, literally.

Dhol is a double faced drum. The musical instrument has got imbibed deep into the heart of Rajasthan. For every occasion, the Dhol is a must for the Rajasthani people. The wooden instrument creates vibe and rhythm that makes every onlooker dance.

Nagara is yet another part of ethnicity of Rajasthan. The conical drum is generally played with two sticks. These are known as Surnai and Nafeeri. It is an essential part of the folk operas.

Ravanhattha is a string instrument of Rajasthan. This instrument was pretty popular among the royal rulers of Rajasthan. The bards of those days used to play this instrument and amuse the King. The strings are tied to the neck with ghungrooos that create a reverberating sound full of rhythm.

Satara is originally a musical instrument of the Langa tribe of Rajasthan. It’s a traditional flute, long and hollow. The player actually performs two actions simultaneously. Aside from singing, he keeps on whistling the flute ‘Satara’ and that creates an awesome chemistry.

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