Indispensable Role of Teachers in our Lives

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Knowledge is an essential element of everybody’s life. As we grow up it becomes very important in each and every stage. This is where a teacher plays a noteworthy role for every individual, shaping his or her life for their present and future.

Every year, 5th September is commemorated as Teacher’s Day in India. It is also Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday; who is considered among the most excellent teachers of our country. This Teacher’s Day let us thank all our teachers, mentors and guides who have played a crucial role in our life.

A teacher is greatly respected in our Indian society and the Guru Shishya or student-teacher relationship has been going on since ancient times. A teacher moulds the student to his best and takes pride when the student achieves great heights. A teacher imparts knowledge and so plays an indispensable role in any student’s life.

The first teachers in our life are our parents. They take care of us, nurture us and teach us the difference between good and bad. They teach us to be good human beings and make us ready to face the world. Discipline, rules, values, respect are such things, which our parents teach us in life. Each parent has different roles to play and different thoughts to contribute.

As we step into school and colleges, we begin learning from our teachers. They teach us the basics of language, how to read, write and speak along with many other subjects. They teach us selflessly and it is our duty to thank them for the knowledge they have given to us. This privilege to learn new thing should be valued. Good teachers are like gems and we should appreciate them always for giving us knowledge.

Then, as we place a step into the world and embark on a career, our bosses, team leader, supervisors, our mentors, the people from whom we learn and take orders become our teacher. They are the ones who guide us and tell us what is important and how the work is supposed to be carried out. They are the ones who guide us in making our careers flourish.

As we settle down and begin a family, we learn a lot from our spouse. He or she becomes our teacher. We learn to adjust, understand and compromise, we learn to care, share and begin to learn new things as we gradually become parents. The learning doesn’t stop here; we learn things from our children too and as they grow up it becomes our duty to impart all that we have learnt to our future generations.

Life is a full circle and learning does not stop. In every step of life, we are but students. As we grow old, we realize how the different teachers in our life were really important and how they helped us become the person we are today. So this Teachers’ day, let us all honour and thank all the teachers who taught us everything in life and tell them how privileged we are because of them.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

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