Dance is for the people, by the people and of the people of Goa

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Dance in Goa is an inheritance

Dance is an inheritance in Goa. The state has a richness of culture and dance as a performing art has found a significant place in the cultural map of Goa. Dance in Goa has an altogether distinguished essence and it well reflects the accord of the multi-ethnicity of the state. The traditional form of Goan dance has been fused well with the many streams of dances that have merged into the veins and arteries of the state. On each occasion of Goa, the dancers of the state join the frivolity, dressed in the best, and tap their feet to the jingle, music that touches every heart.

Dekhni is a traditional Goan dance performed mainly by women. The music that makes them dance is a sheer mishmash of both eastern and western from. It euphemizes the audience and performers both. Other folk dances of Goa are Fugdi, Dhalo and Kunbi. These dances are not confined within one religion and are mainly social dances. As a result, it conquers every heart around. Morulem is also a folk dance form inn Goa that will automatically make you tap your feet. Shigmo is a rich gala of the state when the famous Lamp Dance is performed. Goff is a post-harvest celebratory dance performed by the peasants of Goa. The vibrant dancers of Goa create rhythms and ripples amongst the onlookers.

The dance-dramas of the state of Goa are equally popular. Jagar is the popular most dance drama of Goa which engages the Gawdas. Dhangar is also an integral part of Goan culture. It’s a dance meant to adore the aboriginal, the ultimate. The other popular dance forms are Corresdinho, Ghode Modni, Romal and Mussal. Dashabatara is a Hindu religious dance form that also generates unbound fun and frolic in the air of Goa. All the dance forms engage the folks, the general people. The active cooperation and participation of the inhabitants creates a Seventh Heaven in Goa. The dancers boogie down with the rhythm and the onlookers applaud. Eternally, dance is meant for the people, by the people and of the people of Goa.

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