Hyderabadi Biriyany is sure to spellbind you

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Hyderabad is most famous for its very own foodstuff, the city’s identity. If you are real crazy about Mughlai dishes, the Southern India city is a must-visit for you. Make sure you are all in love with spices and strict diet chart is not a constraint for you as the Hyderabad Biriyani is a pretty piquant dish, a foodstuff which is almost identical with the Charminar city. But for the diet-freaks, the city has also arrangement for alternative dishes, biriyani that come up with less cholesterol and almost no fat. These types of Biriyani will ensure your good health as well as keep happy your taste buds.

Hyderabadi Biriyani is generally made of rice and goat meat. Yes, that simple is the recipe of the globally acclaimed dish. Some of the bistros of the city, however, use chicken instead of red meat, all for your health and taste. The Nizams introduced this luscious dish that like many other things and places of tourist interest in India blended well with the Telengana cuisine. This unforgettable chemistry gave birth to Hyderabad Biriyani. Side dishes like Salan, Dhanshak or Baghare Baingon are well-suited with this Hyderabadi fare. Basmati rice and meat is mixed well with the yoghurt, onion, spice, lemon, coriander and saffron to form this exquisite dish.

In every corner of the city, you will find this delicate taste. In fact, the eminent bistros of the city that have their specialty in Biriyani are sprinkled all over the map of Hyderabad. You will surely feel the royal lavishness at these bistros of the city. You miss the Biriyani of the city; your tour to Hyderabad remains incomplete. Hyderabadi Biriyani is mainly of two kinds; Kachhi Gosht Ki Biriyani and Pakki Biriyani. Don’t forget to take Dahi Chatni or Bager Banion. You can also opt for mixed veg salad to feel it the best. Hyderabadi Biriyani is sure to spellbind you

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  1. I Love Hyderabad Biryanai.

  2. Benso nHephsibha says:

    Hydrabadi briyani it s very very special . I like too much

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