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Cherrapunji Rainforests Can Engross You!

If you have a dry subconscious waiting to get drenched by incessant downpour, if you want rain to kiss your feet, your eyes, your body, then Cherrapunji rainforests can just engross you. I repeat, engross you. These regions can let you escape from civilization, surrender to opaque woodland that is blissfully coupled with incessant deluge. Somewhere you find a melancholy, […Read More]

The Forest cover of India and its Environment Impact

India has  21 Percent of her geographical area under forest cover. According to the State Forest Report 2009, in the last 10 years, forest cover in the country has increased by 3.31 million hectares, showing an average 0.46% increase every year. Few interesting observations are Dense forest has not declined.  It has improved in last 10 years. Moderately dense forests […Read More]