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Petrol price hike in India: This time, the steepest of all hikes

The recent petrol price hike in India has sparked tremendous outrage among the people of the country and raked up a number of controversies. The principal opposition party of the country, BJP, has called for a nationwide bandh for this issue. It is the steepest price rise for petrol in the history of India. The [...]

Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone: A Jewel in the Crown of Andhra Pradesh

  About Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone was previously known as Visakhapatnam Export Promotion Zone. It was set up in 1989. It was founded in an extensive 360 acres of agricultural land in Visakhapatnam, which is one of the most developing cities in the country. VSEZ or Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone provides [...]

Madras Special Economic Zone: Taking Chennai to New Heights

  About Madras Special Economic Zone  The Madras Export Promotion Zone was set up in the year 1984. The goal of setting up of this special economic zone was boosting FDIs (foreign direct investment), generating more number of job opportunities, and increasing income from forex or foreign exchange. On 1st January, 2003 Madras Export Promotion [...]

Cochin Special Economic Zone – Process Redefined

  The Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) is a multi product SEZ and enjoys a convenient location. It is only 11 nautical miles off the international sea route that connects the Pacific Rim to Europe. At present, the Dubai Ports International is responsible for developing this SEZ as a terminal for container transshipments. It is [...]

Falta Special Economic Zone: The Pride of West Bengal

  About Falta Special Economic Zone Located in West Bengal,  Falta Special Economic Zone started its journey in 1984. Previously, it was known by the name of Falta Export Promotion Zone. Similar to all other economic zones in the country, this was an initiative of the Central Government of India. With effect from February 10, [...]

Kandla Special Economic Zone – the Ideal Destination for Investors

  The Kandla Special Economic Zone or KASEZ is located at the Gulf of Kutch, which is in the western coast of Gujarat. It is 9 kilometers from the Kandla Port.It is the first ever Export Processing Zone built inAsiaand with 142 operational units across 1000 acres is presently regarded as the biggest operating multi-product [...]

A Look into Special Economic Zones of India

  This series SEZ of India deals with the special economic zones in this south Asian country which is already being regarded as a global economic powerhouse – something that has helped it become an important name in international politics as well. Throughout the series we will look to explore the various facets of the [...]

Direct Taxes in India

What is Direct Tax? The tax paid to the government directly by the tax-payer (like the Capital Gains Tax and the Income Tax) are called Direct Tax. In other words, it can be stated direct tax is taken away from ones salary or wages directly. However, the property tax which is imposed by the government [...]

Can Budget 2011 strike a balance between supply and demand?

Its February again, time for the Union Budget! As per Article 112 of the Indian Constitution, the Union Budget of India, that is the annual budget of the country, is also known as the Annual Financial Statement. The budget is required to be approved and passed by the Parliament prior to its coming into existence [...]

Yet Another Petrol Price Hike for India!

  Yet Another Petrol Price Hike for India! Once again the price of petrol has gone up! With the changing scenario, the Indian Economy is concentrating on new developments and evolutions for decontrolling the prices. There has been recent increase in the price of petrol. The news channels, newspapers, news portals, political parties are debating [...]