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Time to Change the Examination System?

Exams serve an important function in the educational scenario of our country. However, some feel that, perhaps rightly, that the examination system is broken and needs fixing. We survey the most immediate concerns of the examination system and explore possible solutions in this article.

Public Schools vs. Private Schools

The debate on the effectiveness of India schools has been going on for a long time now. One important aspect of this is the enormous divide between public and private schools. No doubt the private schools are looked upon as having superior facilities and infrastructure, but the important point is that this gulf is hurting [...]

MBA Colleges in India

An MBA remains the preferred route of higher education when it comes to a better career. Sure, there are far more MBA colleges than we need, leading to a perceptible drop in quality, but the premier institutes still hold the charm for students and recruiters alike. Get a full list of MBA colleges in India [...]

Can the Indian Education System be Improved?

India surely has one of the largest education systems in the world, but in terms of effectiveness we still have a long way to go. Consider the ASER survey of 2011, which unveiled some shocking truths:  Only 58% of students in class 3 to 5 can read the texts prescribed for class 1. 53% of [...]

Pune International Literary Festival 2013

This will be the first ever such celebration of Literature in Pune. It will not only boost the authors and the writers but it will also encourage the readers. Literature affixes into our reality and enriches our daily life. Pune will have such joy to fill their inhabitants with such augmented literary feast, starting today. [...]

Exam Stress Buster 5: Right Amount of Sleep

If there would be a test assessing the fitness level of a student on different parameters before he takes his final exams, lack of sleep would deprive majority of students the right to give their exams. During the preparation for the exams getting adequate sleep is the last thing on the mind of a child [...]

Exam Stress Buster 4: Right Eating Habits

If you are wondering what eating habits have to do with exam-related stress, here is some news for you. Research has shown that students who eat the right kind of diet (which we are going to discuss later here) are in a better frame of mind during the time of preparation of exams and while [...]

Exam Stress Buster 3: Physical Activity

Examination time is not only a period which challenges the students mentally but it also is the time when the level of physical activity drops down by a great amount among them. They are required to spend more time with books which leads them to ditch their cricket bats, football and other games as soon [...]

Exam Stress Buster 2: Motivation

Motivation is a force that makes the achievement of goals easy. There is nothing as effective as motivation to facilitate the process of positive thinking. Motivation acts like a catalyst to help one give his best and come out strong from all the challenging situations and when it comes to studies and exams, motivation can [...]

Exam Stress Buster Number 1: Time Management

If there is an art that can help you win the world, it is the art of time management. The number of days left for the exams are in inverse relation to the level of stress. As the number of days remaining for the exams decrease, the level of stress and anxiety among the students [...]