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Nakhoda Masjid: The Artistic Creation of Kutchi Memon Jamat

  History of Nakhoda Mosque Located in Kolkata, the keystone of this famous mosque was set on September 11, 1926. In the same year, the overall amount of money spent for building this huge mosque was 1,500,000 Indian rupees. The shrine was constructed in the form of a replica of the burial chamber of Akbar, the famous Mughal Emperor at […Read More]

The Queen of the Arabian : Kochi

Nicknamed the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’; Kochi is renowned as one of the world’s finest natural harbours. Kerala’s financial capital, the name Kochi is derived from the Malayalam word Kochazhi that translates to ‘small lagoon’; and comprises of a cluster of islands scattered along the Vembanad Lake. These Islands include the Wellington Island, Mattancherry, and Fort Kochi. A part […Read More]

The magnificent Mandawa: Shekhawati's Open Air Gallery

One of Rajasthan’s most beautiful cities, Mandawa that lies at the heart of the buy Xenical Shekhawati region is one that stands out for its exceptional havelis, forts, palaces, temples and more. Located 190 km off Jaipur; this picturesque city is often referred to as the ‘Open air Gallery’ and represents one of the best examples of Rajasthani architecture and […Read More]

Punjab, its palatial palaces and crenellated forts

order Indocin online Think Punjab… and the State’s sprawling farmlands are one of the first things that comes to  mind. A State known for its flowing rivers, lush greenery, yellow fields that have been used as a backdrop in many a Bollywood movie, historic sites, Gurudwaras and temples, museums and other landmarks, friendly people, vibrant culture and delectable cuisines, Punjab […Read More]

A 'wonder' named Agra!

India’s ‘City of Love’… that’s how Agra has often been described, home to the stunning Taj Mahal, this city is most frequented during the ‘month of love!’However while Agra is most famous for its ‘symbol of eternal love’, today we bring you its other intriguing monuments, that make this city such a ‘wonder.’ Home to three world heritage sites, the […Read More]

Vijayawada : The 'City of Victory'

Andhra Pradesh’s third largest city, Vijayawada positioned on the banks of the Krishna River and enveloped by the Indrakiladri Hills to its west and Badumeru River makes an interesting visit for those travelling south. Also known as Bezawada, the name Vijayawada literally translates to the ‘City of Victory’ having many origins to its name. While some legends claim Vijayawada is named […Read More]

Touring Thiruvananthapuram

One of India’s greenest cities, positioned on India’s west coast, to the further south end of the mainland; buy Valtrex online Thiruvananthapuram formerly known as Trivandrum is an interesting visit for its rich culture, interesting history, scenic beaches, majestic monuments, exquisite temples, emerald backwaters and more. The capital of Kerala, the city’s name is derived from the words ‘Tiru Ananta […Read More]

Kohima Calling!

Generic esomeprazole Hardly explored… sitting comfortably with the eastern frontiers of the Himalayas, Kohima is a land known for its striking virgin beauty. The capital of Nagaland, a land known for its thick woods, picturesque hills, and exotic tribes; Kohima makes a wonderful getaway for those looking forward to enjoying a relaxed laid back holiday amidst peace and tranquility. Originally […Read More]

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