Dumas Beach- Where the Wind is Laden with Strange Whispers: Gujarat

What is the idea of a haunted place that most of us have in our mind? Those of us having grown up watching spooky Hollywood and Bollywood flicks will undoubtedly be flashed with the image of place with dark and secluded surroundings covered with dense trees, rare visitors, located off the nearby city or town, a big house or a bungalow majority of the times and forests, jungles and other deserted places the remaining times. But who would have thought of beach as a haunted place. Dumas Beach located near the city of Surat in the state of Gujarat is reportedly haunted.

The beach frequented by travelers and locals in equal numbers is a site of paranormal activities as per many of the visitors who have been to the place. The winds of the place are said to blow fiercely and be loaded with strange and hushed whispers. The beach is often referred to as the home of tortured spirits of the dead. Several People are of the opinion that dogs behave strangely when at the beach. It is said that dogs who seem to have a higher degree of occult sensing, behave weirdly once they are near the sea. They bark frantically the whole night running from one direction to the other. People have reported strange sounds emanating while they walk towards the ocean asking them not to move any further. There have been reports of several audacious visitors taking a late night stroll at the beach being missing.

The tales perhaps originate from the fact that the beach is also the place where the Hindu population of the town burn the dead bodies and the things and places associated with the dead have always been occult and considered beyond the living. They are very often declared as spooky and haunted.  The reality remains hidden behind a mist of superstitions and beliefs of people. Whatever the true story might be, the numerous incidences pertaining to the strange activities on the beach never stop and continue to haunt the imaginations of many. Several people have declared it a myth far from reality while even more stress on all the stories being real. One can only find by paying a visit to the place but don’t forget to take your dog along. TRACK CALLS



  • have it any prove or it’s fake story

  • Shreyasi Ghosh (@shreyasighosh)

    if you stroll on a secluded beach alone at night, you are bound to get mugged. i’m not an atheist. i do not scoff or deny the existence of the paranormal. but visitors walking on the beach alone at night, disappearing can be explained in extremely rational terms.

  • Yes, it’s true..the place is indeed haunted..I had visited this place with my friend who lives in Surat..At that time our final year exams had ended( he was studying in my collg in mumbai and used to live in a rented room in mumbai)..he had told me to come to his home in Surat and even i will get a reason sight-seeing in Surat..

    I am not entirely saying that the beach is haunted but am narrating my experience..it’s you to decide for..
    This incident happened in May 2010, On that day, i had came to his house in Surat and we were full day moving in city on his bike..At night we came home and had dinner..He told that we should have sm ice-cream and we again took bike and went..We had ice-cream, it was around 11pm..After that he suggested that we should go to Dumas beach since he wanted to enjoy fr sm more time..

    The beach was very silent and eerie..there were a few girls and boys but post 11.30pm..they too left..soon my frnd started chit-chatting about our collg days and it was 12am..we decided to have a little walk and leave in 15 mins..As we were walking, we saw a group of dogs..sm 3-4 dogs were running towards something and all were barking at something in the water..there was nothing there..all of them then came on beach and were barking at something..trust me no one was there..there was neither any human, animal or physical object at which they were barking and running in circles..as we passed them, one of them howled at us and we turned and started returning back..As i was walking, i heard a wailing sound folowed by a laughing..i thought my frnd did it but he dismised it..again i heard a laughing sound, this time it came from inside the water..now i was very freaked out and in between i was constantly turning back and loking towards the water..And the last time i turned, I swear I saw something in water..it appeared to be a lady’s head and it being darkness, i could only make a rough outline( later i thought on the outline and am sure that it was head)..and it again went down inside the water..by that time we reached our bike and came back home..It’s unusual that anyone esp a woman can be in water like this at tht time of night..

    Second thing, about the laughing, if she was really a human, her laugh would have been audible to my frnd too since she would have to laugh loudly to make us hear her voice..And the way it again went back in water was very very freaky..it sort of turned to look towards ocean and just went down sort..thn at home i told my frnd abt this and he told ki tht beach is indeed haunted..this is a true story.

  • Dear friends
    I had just visited that beach at 8.30 pm on 3rd june 2013 with my wife.
    after walking about 15min we found that it was very pleasent and windy.
    but when we walked towards the sea water some unusual activity started.

    i was hearing lots of clapping sound thougt it may be wind and ignored my wife also heard the same, we then desided to walk along the beach we found a boy carring some balloon and asked us to buy some,i got irritated but my wife took some and paid him the price around rs20-25. then he told us not to walk along the beach as it would harm us.

    we went back to dariya ganesh temple and waited some time the desided to go back at cost road we found a tea stall closing its shop asked us if we want tea,we had some while having the tea i shared the story the balloon boy told us,He started shivering and told us a very very strange story that we cannot belive. He told that last year at 31st december the boy went missing while selling the balloons and after 2 days his dead body found with balloons.

    After some night he can be seen there and if some one refuses to buy the balloons he had to face some serious trouble,accident or death.

    I still could not belive the story but we could not find the boy after buying the balloon.
    I had decided to spent the one whole night with my friends 10 to 12 boys at that beach. in this month only.

  • Utter nonsense… I have camped entire night at Dumas beach as I did at various other Paranormal places. The only thing I heard was barking of dogs, now you cant call that paranormal.

  • I think Dumus is romantic place. not a horror place. in a day many couples are enjoy there.. it is a lover point in Surat.

  • hey what the hell is this all nonsense
    i just came from Dummas beach
    it was perfectly fine
    Even once friend of mine stayed night at Dumas
    he did not see any ghost
    please do not spread rumors

  • kuch chije asi hoti hai ki unka majak nahi u dana cha he hai

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