Discover Ancient India at Ellora Cave

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Ellora : Magic Inside

If you are fanatical about ancient India or the other way around, Ellora caves will definitely beguile you. This Maharashtra state ancient cave has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It’s located near Aurangabad, another famous historic site and well-connected from other parts of the state and the country. Except Mondays, the Ellora Cave is open everyday from sunrise to sundown. Its Siamese twin Ajanta is all the way same attracting. 34 caves in total at Ellora will gift you an indication of how creative and intelligent were the ancient people of India. It was by chance discovered by John Smith, a British Army man in 1819.

Enter the world of Ellora to enter the enchantment of ancient India. There are frescos and friezes explaining the basic philosophy of ancient Buddhism. India is a land where many of the globally spread religions took birth as was the case for Buddhism. The place is full of evidences of that era when Buddhism was gradually budding on this ancient land. Ajanta Caves is also a must-go for the tourists. In fact, because of the grottos etched with marvelous sculptures, the place gets more footfall than Ellora. But Ellora itself does not fall much behind because the place has its own historic significance. You will be amazed to know that the birth eon of the place as estimated by the historians of the world dates back to 200 BC to 650 AD.

If you have already started to pack your bags, here are some quick travel tips. The nearest domestic airstrip is Aurangabad where you can fly in from New Delhi and Mumbai. The runway is 30 kilometers from Ellora caves. From there take a government bus or an auto to reach Ellora. Expect to pay around 350-400 INR if you take an auto. You cane also hire a cab from Aurangabad. Hotel Kailash and Hotel Manor are the two good hotels in the area. Be ready to get engrossed by the supernatural ambience of the place as you will literally be mesmerized to discover ancient India at Ellora cave.

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