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Kuru Dynasty: One of India’s Earliest Dynasties

  The reign of the Kuru Dynasty in the Indian Subcontinent, dates back to the Vedic Period popularly known as the Iron Age worldwide. Kuru’s were one of the first Indian Dynasties other than being one of the premier Indo Aryan tribes. They were preceded by the Puru Dynasty and their successors were the Pandava/Gadu/Sandrocotto [...]

Ancient Indian Dynasties: Chronicles of Some of the Oldest Civilization of the World

  The republic of  India has had a very extensive history which has witnessed the rise and fall of various dynasties. The history of India can be broadly categorized into three ages, namely the Ancient Age, Middle Age, and Modern Age. Many dynasties reigned over India during the Ancient Age and the most important among them [...]

Landour (Mussoorie Cantonment): A Legacy Bordered by the Queen of Hills

  About Landour (Mussoorie Cantonment)  Landour, known as Landaur as well, is a tiny cantonment area bordering the city of Mussoorie in the state of Uttarakhand in India. This cantonment lies at a distance of approximately 22 miles or 35 km from Dehradun city in Uttarakhand, India. Uttarakhand forms a major part of northernIndia. In [...]

Meerut Cantonment: The Place That Gave Birth to the Sepoy Rebellion

About Meerut Cantonment Meerut Cantonment is the historical site where the first round of ammunition of the sepoy mutiny was fired in 1857. This is the place which gave rise to the first battle of freedom for India. At present, it is managed by the Meerut Cantonment Board and was set up by the British [...]

Bangalore Cantonment and the Days of the Raj

  About Bangalore Cantonment: A legacy of the British Raj, Bangalore Cantonment was a military cantonment of the British Raj from 1806 to 1881. The cantonment covered 13 square miles and by area was the largest British Military Cantonment in Southern India. The British garrison located in the cantonment included three military batteries and regiments [...]

Pune Cantonment: Home to the National War Memorial Southern Command

  About Pune Cantonment  Pune Cantonment, which is known as Pune Camp as well, is an army cantonment lying in Pune, the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra. The cantonment was set up in 1817 for housing the regiments of the British Indian Military. Pune Cantonment is home to various army organizations. In [...]

Delhi Cantonment: A Testament of Times Gone By

  About Delhi Cantonment: Delhi Cantonment conveniently referred to as Delhi Cantt is one of the three statutory towns that make up the National Capital Territory of Delhi. With a population of 124,452 (as per the 2001) census, Delhi Cantt is managed by The Delhi Cantonment Board, which along with the Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMC) [...]

The Story Behind Cantonments in India

  Cantonment areas in India today are essentially a legacy of the British Raj and are basically a temporary or semi permanent military or police quarter. In the next few posts Maps of India will take you on a journey across cantonments areas scattered across the country in different states, that have become, if nothing [...]

Central Indian Cuisine: A Unique Blend of Northern and Eastern Indian Food

  Central Indian Cuisine: Food and popular beliefs The cuisine of Central Indiais majorly influenced by the cuisine of both the North and the East of India. However, being the centre of the country the cuisine borrows its flavours from all the parts of the country. Central Indian Cuisine is basically vegetarian and Non vegetarian [...]

Eastern Indian Cuisine: Unique and Delicious

  The cuisine of Eastern India has least in common with the cuisines of rest of theIndia. The food of Eastern India may not be as popular as the rest of the country yet it deserves credit for its humble dishes that add to the richness of the Indian Cuisine family. East of India: Regions [...]