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Bringing in the New Years at Goa! Goa's most happening hangouts!

It all started with the Xmas celebrations and the wedding season… but the partying didn’t stop there… the Sunburn Goa KEYLOGGER 2012 ensured tourists visiting this incredible State continue to have a rocking time, giving them just a few hours to get over the hangovers before they usher in the New Year celebration! Yes if it’s happening… it has to […Read More]

Going Goa Gaga! The knockout beaches of North Goa!

In our previous blog, we told you about the beautiful serene beaches of South Goa, which make perfect getaways for tourists looking for a quiet romantic break or for those looking at soaking in the sun and lazing on its golden sands. However with the New Year celebrations drawing close, the beaches in North Goa (where most of the action […Read More]

Going Goa Gaga : The Stunning beaches of South Goa!

Goa’s beaches are renowned as some of the most famous beaches worldwide known for their amazing natural beauty and interesting nightlife! Ideal destinations to visit as a romantic getaway or to catch up on some interesting water sports, Goa’s many beaches differ from each other in various ways. While its southern beaches are known for their peace and quiet, the […Read More]

Going Goa Gaga! Ponda

View Monitor Internet Use While most people associate Goa with beaches and churches, for tourists visiting the state, Ponda comes as a nice surprise. Situated 28 kms south-east of Panjim and 17 kms north east of Margao, this town referred to as ‘Phonda’ in Konkani, is home to many grand temples wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls & butterfly conservatory, and Buddhist caves that are […Read More]

Going Goa Gaga! Sunburn Goa 2011

  It’s been hyped at Asia’s largest music festival, starting today this three day festival is the venue to be, with bigwigs such as Ranbir Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna, Arjun Rampal, Priyanka Chopra, Ameesha Patel, and other Bollywood celebrities expecting to turn up! The place for music lovers, the Sun Burn Festival is an electronic dance and music festival which started in Goa […Read More]

Going Goa Gaga! Mapusa

One of Goa’s main tourist attractions and all time favorite destinations, View Instagram Mapsua is known for its proximity to many popular beaches in north Goa and its Friday Markets. Pronounced as ‘Mapsa’ by its locals, it is the capital of the northern Bardez taluka, located around 13 kilometers from Panaji, and is derived from the Konkani expression, ‘maap’ meaning measure and […Read More]

Going Goa Gaga! Margao!

We now move on to Margao, Goa’s second largest city after Vasco, popularly known as Goa’s cultural and commercial capital. Located barely 33 km from Panjim, the State Capital, in the Salcete region, Margao (or Madgaon as it was known prior to the Portuguese invasion) is home to many wonderful architectural masterpieces and is also known to house some of the best beaches in […Read More]

Going Goa Gaga with us! Vasco Da Gama

Located on the tapered western tip of the Mormugao Peninsula, overlooking the mouth of the Zuari River and approx. 29-km southwest of Panjim,Vasco Da Gama is credited to being Anti fungal Goa’s largest city and one of India’s busiest ports. Named after the famous Portuguese explorer and former Viceroy, Dom Vasco-da-Gama, it is popularly known as Vasco. Not only is it Goa’s most […Read More]

Going Goa Gaga : Panaji / Panjim

Sitting on the banks of the Mandovi estuary, Panaji or Panjim as it is known in English is Goa’s third largest city after Vasco da Gama and Margao and serves as the capital of this small State. Translating to the “Land that never floods”, Panaji was derived from the ‘panjani’ and ‘khali’, meaning ‘boat’ and ‘a small creek’ respectively in Sanskrit, the words Panjakhali found inscribed […Read More]

Going Goa Gaga with us!

It’s amazing how it’s one of India’s smallest State … yet its biggest attraction… attracting tourists from far & near alike! A beach resort known for its amazing culture, and scenic beauty, tourists find themselves hypnotized by Goa cholesterol medication especially during the festive season. In our forthcoming ‘Goa Series’ we bring you this amazing State, its different cities and […Read More]

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