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Magical in the monsoons : Maharashtra’s hills!

This advice comes with a warning!! Once there you may never want to return! Come monsoons and Maharashtra’s hills magically transform into one of the country’s most frequented tourists destinations. Clean and green from the rains that have washed away the summer heat and dust, these hills filled with a sense of freshness with their lush dense forests, roaring waterfalls, silver […Read More]

Madurai : India’s Athens!

Architecture that will have you spellbound! … One of South India’s most picturesque temple towns, Madurai is one filled with exquisitely carved temples and monuments, so stunning that it’s earned the nickname the ‘Athens of the East!’ A spectacular blend of religion, history and beauty, this cradle of Dravidian tradition and culture is a picture perfect setting and a must […Read More]

Gwalior : A glorious city!

Madhya Pradesh one of India’s most fascinating states, that offers everything from erotic temples in Khajuraho to the rock shelters of Bhimbetka, exotic wildlife to Buddhist stupas and monasteries in Bhopal. But if you want to relive the glory and grandeur of the bygone days… then visit Gwalior you must! Named after the great saint ‘Gwalipa’, who cured the chief of the Kachwaha clan […Read More]

Pushkar : A divine creation!

Ever wondered why Brahma considered the creator of the world (according to Hindu mythology) is only worshipped in one place in the whole world? For that we take you to Pushkar, a city that’s entwined with mythology! One of India’s oldest cities, this sleepy hamlet in Rajasthan comes alive during the month of Kartik (November) with its worldwide famous Pushkar […Read More]

Nainital : India’s Lake City

One of India’s most scenic hill stations, Nainital is a picture perfect destination located in Uttaranchal.  One known for its numerous crystal clear lakes, picturesque views of the snow capped Himalayas and interesting mythology, Nainital is a place shrouded in myths and legends, discovered by Lord Barron in 1841. Often referred to as India’s ‘lake district’, here’s what this magnificent […Read More]

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