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Tsunami: A Disaster to be remembered for ever!

  The word ‘Tsunami’ originates from a Japanese word that means, “Harbor wave”. Tsunami are huge waves generated by the deformation of the see floor by several seismic activities that leads in the vertical displacement of the water in the oceans. When traveling over the deep ocean, Tsunami happens to have a low height but on reaching the shallow waters, […Read More]

Yet Another Petrol Price Hike for India!

  Yet Another Petrol Price Hike for India! Once again the price of petrol has gone up! With the changing scenario, the Indian Economy is concentrating on new developments and evolutions for decontrolling the prices. There has been recent increase in the price of petrol. The news channels, newspapers, news portals, political parties are debating and discussing on the advantages […Read More]

Disaster Management as a Career Option!

  Disasters are those dangerous events or situations that can strike one or many, unexpectedly, anytime, anywhere. Originating from the French word ‘desastre’, disaster happens to be the combination of two words, ‘des’ meaning bad and ‘aster’ meaning star. Hence disaster signifies bad star. Disasters can be classified into several types like man-made disaster, natural disasters, hybrid disaster etc, depending […Read More]

A Career in Clinical Research!

  There are many graduates in medical science or life sciences, who are often confused regarding what to take up in their post graduation or how to shape up their future after they complete their graduation. There are also students who want to take up something challenging in their post graduation. In this scenario Clinical Research happens to be an […Read More]

Want to check out the art of make-up? Build Up Your Career as a Beautician!

  Want to check out the art of make-up? Build Up Your Career as a Beautician! If you like interacting with various types of people and have an eye for beauty and fitness, then you can excel as a beautician. Although the beauty trends and tastes of people keep changing, yet the very basics of a beautician’s job remains unaltered, […Read More]

Social Significance of the Festival of Lohri!

Right amid the freezing weather, with temperatures going down every moment, dense fog settled outside and everything going on for stagnancy, one can still feel a flagrant wave of activity underlying everything in the north of India. People in places like Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, seems busy preparing for the long awaited festival of Lohri.  On this occasion of the […Read More]

A Career in Aeronautical Engineering!

  Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering deals with the growth and development of different new technologies in the aviation industry, defense systems and space exploration. It addresses several aspects such as designing, development, construction, testing, operation, maintenance of military as well as commercial aircrafts, spacecrafts and also missiles and satellites. The main area of focus is on design, growth and development […Read More]

Coastal plains of India: An Amazing Geologic Feature!

Coastal plains of India are the waved platforms and the raised beaches above the water mark. These are mainly the emerged floors from the seas that are adjacent to the land. The Peninsular India plateau is bordered by the narrow Coastal Plains. Following the surfacing of these lowlands, the sea level fluctuations have brought some important changes in the surface […Read More]

Biosphere Reserves in India: A sphere to nourish the life-force!

  Protection of the animals and plants is among the important challenges that is being faced by the mankind. The 21st century can emerge as an age of conservation and protection if human beings want to survive o Earth. Biosphere reserves happen to be the protected regions of the terrestrial, marine and coastal environments for the conservation of the diversity […Read More]

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