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Nagaur Fair is surely fascinating!

  One of the colorful and vibrant states in India, Rajasthan is there to lure you with its beauty, traditional dresses, ancient rituals, colorful fairs and festivals. In the festive season in Rajasthan, vibrancy, enthusiasm, colors, happiness characterizes the atmosphere of the state. Festivals and fairs are an integral part of the lives of people out there in Rajasthan. The […Read More]

A Career in Web Development is indeed promising!

Web development is basically a term that encompasses almost everything from planning, building to managing websites that consists of products, services, writers, project managers, designers, programmers, information architects, and database administrators. Web development as a career is all about conceiving, planning, designing, building, programming, populating, marketing, branding, supporting, and managing the websites. Web Development in the present world scenario is […Read More]

Fairy Queen Express Tour: A Vintage Adventure!

What according to you could be the best way to explore the heritage of a particular place? Isn’t traveling the best way to discover the secrets of a place? And if there is luxury train to accompany you in your journey, then nothing like it! Railways in India are the ideal option that a tourist can get while touring the […Read More]

Cue the FirestormWhat followed the announcement of Comey's letter

Cue the FirestormWhat followed the announcement of Comey’s letter was an all out assault upon the FBI. The director has been rapidly decimated in the media in just a few short days. Everyone from former attorney general Eric Holder (who was held in Contempt of Congress while in office several years ago) to former White House ethics attorney Richard Painter […Read More]

If Cooking Fascinates You then ‘Chef’ is the Career for You!

Do the exotic spices and the colorful sight of food fascinate you? Do they leave you wanting for more? If yes, then you can try out the specialized and amazing art of cooking. If Cooking Fascinates You then ‘Chef’ is the Career for You! It is all about ingredients, nutrition, techniques, recipes and flavors. “The belly rules the mind”, the […Read More]

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