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Hyderabad Cuisine: Rich and Aromatic!

Hyderabad cuisine has been greatly influenced by several religions and region as well. Yet amidst all the influences, the cuisine in Hyderabad has been able to create and maintain its own identity. Hyderabad food has contributed hugely in making the cuisine of India popular throughout the world. While in the “City of Pearls”, you must [...]

Kolkata Cuisine: Blend of Traditionalism and Contemporary!

The fondness for good food among the Bengalis is wee-known. Whatever be your choice of food, whatever cuisine you want to try, Kolkata will never disappoint a food lover in terms of quality and variety of food. Kolkata Cuisine is a perfect blend of traditionalism and contemporary. From traditional Bengali food items to contemporary choices [...]

Mumbai Cuisine: Tastes Redefined!

Mumbai is a food lover’s delight. The city offers all kinds of exotic delicacies from all over India and the World as well. Apart from relishing on the coastal region delicacies, you would also find native and traditional food in Mumbai. Mumbai Cuisine is influenced by the mild and rich style of spicy cooking. With [...]

Street Food in India

Indian street food is very famous. They are preferred by a large section of the tourists. The tasty and cheap foods are all available on the streets in India. They are attuned to the true taste of this wonderful country. Street Food in India is an amalgam of different flavors that stimulate the taste buds [...]

Kerala Backwaters Are the State’s prime Tourist Attractions

Kerala Backwaters are a series of lagoons that are aligned parallel to the Arabian Sea. These backwaters are all situated in Malabar Coast of Southern India. Abundant with natural beauty, these Kerala Backwaters are the state’s prime tourist attractions. These backwaters of Kerala are nourished aplenty throughout the year by 38 rivers. These Kerala backwaters [...]