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Mumbai Ship Collision a Past: Environmental Pollution is a Bitter Present

Over a fortnight has passed since two cargo ships collided with each other near Mumbai city coast. Till now, 72 containers of aluminum phosphide and 440 containing other pesticides have been restored from the Arabian Sea. The Customs and Police Authorities are working hand in hand with the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board to put the [...]

Commonwealth games 2010 Is Just a Few days Away

The fever is on! Commonwealth Games 2010 is just a few days away and it is to be held in India this time! The whole country and the world will have all their attention to Delhi from 3rd to 14th October while Delhi, being the prime venue of CWG 2010, will be amidst pomp and [...]

Musical Instruments of Rajasthan Fill the Soul of Every Indian

Rajasthan is the most vibrant state of India. The state has contributed colors of happiness and harmony in the life of millions of Indians. The musical instruments of Rajasthan fill the soul of every Indian with cadence and timbre. If you want to discover Rajasthan, you have to discover the many musical instruments of the [...]

Ooty Can Make Your Holiday Trip a Splendid One

Ooty Hill Station of Tamil Nadu has been a big name in the tourist map of India for several decades. Former Udhgamanadalam was anglicized as Ootacamund and time and people have shortened the name to Ooty, a favorite holiday spot for many. The name Udhgamanadalam means ‘house in mountains, clearly reflecting the characteristic of the [...]

Pune Temples Are Sure to Enchant You

Pune is famous for temples. The place is visited by many pious Hindus from all corners of the world. Pune temples are conveniently located and the local government has done their best to build infrastructure that will make your visit to Pune temples a splendid one. These temples are well connected via roadways and railways. [...]

Dance is for the people, by the people and of the people of Goa

Dance is an inheritance in Goa. The state has a richness of culture and dance as a performing art has found a significant place in the cultural map of Goa. Dance in Goa has an altogether distinguished essence and it well reflects the accord of the multi-ethnicity of the state. The traditional form of Goan [...]

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India

Bangalore or Bengaluru is rightly called as the Silicon Valley of India. The reason is pretty clear. The city houses a host of information technology companies that are the pioneering organizations within the country. Bangalore takes pride in showing directions to the rest of the country and the IT revolution of India started its glorious [...]

Hyderabadi Biriyany is sure to spellbind you

Hyderabad is most famous for its very own foodstuff, the city’s identity. If you are real crazy about Mughlai dishes, the Southern India city is a must-visit for you. Make sure you are all in love with spices and strict diet chart is not a constraint for you as the Hyderabad Biriyani is a pretty [...]