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Suburban Railway, Mumbai

Railways are the important mode of transport in Mumbai owing to its massive population and the development of business centres in the city. The Suburban Railway, Mumbai, belongs to the ‘Mumbai public transport system’. The Mumbai Suburban Railway system take over 6.9 million passengers regularly, which comprises more than Indian Railway’s capacity to carry daily commuters. Mumbai Railway system has […Read More]

Suburban Railway, Kolkata

The Suburban Railway, Kolkata is a rail system which connects the suburbs that surround Kolkata, the city of joy! These kinds of Railway networks are some of the major networks and hugely used infrastructure within the country. There are several divisions of Indian Railways (IR) among which the South Eastern Railway and Eastern Railway have their headquarters located in Kolkata.  […Read More]

Finally the Metro Glory for Gurgaon!

Finally the Metro Glory for Gurgaon came on the 21st of June, 2010 following a long wait by the residents and passengers for a well-organized transport facility that would help in uniting Gurgaon, the satellite city, to the National capital of Delhi. The 14.47 km stretch of Gurgaon Metro Railways that connects Gurgaon HUDA City Centre with the Qutub Minar […Read More]

India: Explore the land of diversities!

Engulfed by the impressive Himalayas, embellished with sunny beaches, verdant jungles and forests teeming with wildlife, every tourist who travels to the beautiful India is sure to be enthralled and mesmerized by the splendor and exquisiteness of India. Holidays are the time to relax. So when we speak of enjoying a holiday trip in India, it has to be a […Read More]

The Study of Architecture!

Development and success of any economy, is reflected to a certain extent in its outward appearance. The industry that is bestowed with this responsibility has been the construction industry. Our focus and view towards life has changed with time and the evolving developments of the society. From the fundamental necessities of life i.e. shelter and housing, we now emphasize on […Read More]

Wildlife in India

Wandering in the wildlife sanctuaries and watching the wildlife is an adventurous and fascinating experience. Whether a ride on the elephant’s back, a camel’s stride, waiting at the watch towers for the tigers to appear suddenly, thrilling enjoyment on spotting wild animals like elephants or deers, dancing with the peacocks etc is no doubt more exciting than watching any documentary […Read More]

Management Education: The Need of the Hour!

The growing and chaotic global marketplace cheap Lithium makes it extremely important for all of us to at least have an understanding of the fundamental connections among the environment, society and business. The role of business as a universal and international force is the need of the hour. Growing complexity and interdependency needs new approaches. The companies require various management […Read More]

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