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Indian Languages: Unity in Diversity

India, the living “Tower of Bable”, is the only nation where diverse culture, varied languages and different religions find place. There are different linguistic communities in India which share common culture and languages. Hence the phrase “Unity in Diversity” describes India perfectly. A wide variety of language and dialects are spoken by the Indian people. The Constitution of India has […Read More]

Indian Economy Growth, 2010

The Indian Economy is the 11th largest in the entire world by “nominal GDP” and 4th largest by “purchasing power parity”. India’s varied economy is an assortment of agriculture, village farming, large number of industries, handicrafts and huge number of services. Since 1990s, India began experiencing fast economic growth as a result of markets being opened up for global investments […Read More]

Venues of 2010 Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games, one of the largest and most prestigious international sport events will be hitting India soon. 2010 Commonwealth Games is the greatest event that Delhi is about to host after the 1982 Asian Games. After a hard fought battle in the general assembly of the Commonwealth Games Federation, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Delhi won the bid to host the Games […Read More]

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