Travelling to newer places could be enjoyable only if you know them well in advance. But it’s not true for the places you are visiting without having any knowledge about them, for there may be uncharted routes, adverse climatic conditions, unpredictable laws and customs, and many other unforeseen situations waiting for you to unfold. To help travellers around the globe, we always try to make things easier and more approachable for them. Keeping this in mind, last week we updated content under tourism section, where, travel to Jabalpur, travel to Kedarnath, travel to Udaipur, travel to Almora and several others content was updated. Several maps like that of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, including Google Maps for Hotel Management Colleges and B. Ed Colleges in different cities of India were updated. Besides, 13 ....Read More →
This is the season when new session begins in colleges. As usual the tussle to choose between the college and the courses offered remained the same. To ease this out, we updated the cut-off lists for admission to various colleges, including Bharati College, Daulat Ram College, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, Dayal Singh College, Gargi College, Hans Raj College, Hindu College, Kirori Mal College, Miranda House and many more. My-India section got updated with 26 new articles. Also, this week content on numerous pages like chief ministers & governors of Indian states, Ministry of Home Affairs, Prime Minister’s office was updated. Under the tourism section, travel to Kerala, travel to Karnataka and Meghalaya tourism content was updated. Several maps like that of Delhi, Surat, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Gandhinagar also got modified. Several river ....Read More →
Despite extensive spread of higher educational institutes in India, there still needs a lot to be said about the overall quality. The problem is reflected in low employability despite the large number of graduates and post-graduates being churned out by the educational machinery. Also, Indian universities seldom make it to among the top rated ones in the world. What have we overlooked? Read more here.
Based on the bestselling novel 2 States, a movie by the same name was released recently. But for the average movie-goer, there is confusion because of the highly polarised reviews. Some praise the movie for capturing a sensitive story, while others slam it for sheer pedestrian production. Here's our take.
With the election to India's 16th Lok Sabha--and thus, the next prime minister--in full swing, we thought to being some interesting posts to your attention this week. A stable India under Modi? Different Prime Ministers of India Election roundup: Modi's interview, and more With Congress on the back foot and missing a strong PM candidate, it looks like Modi is taking up more and more attention of the nation!
This week we have some blog posts that will make you stop and think hard about our country and society. As we ease into the 2014 Lok Sabha election, there are many other important issues that remain overlooked. Here's a sample: Water: The next looming crisis India shining – On child labour? Plight of Senior Citizens in India
It's less than a week away that the largest political battle will start -- the Lok Sabha Election 2014. On stake is a country that can be steered into a global powerhouse if handled rightly, or fall to the deepest recesses of stagnation, as the last few years have indicated. A strong government and an even stronger Prime Minister are needed. As we're about to hit the season of elections, here is some food for thought: Modi's growing popularity in West Bengal Family rules the politics of India Election Trivia: For the first time  
It is the season of political manoeuvring, and true to its character, the political fabric is churning out feints, counter-feints, and abuses by the day. Old foes are joining hands, while old friends are breaking up. Here is this week's selection of interesting reads: Rahul Gandhi attacks TMC, gets flak in return Election Day 22: Roundup And of course, if you're looking for some interesting reads on other categories, head over to My India.
On his audacious cycling tour of India (Kanyakumari to Leh), Yogesh has reached the enchanting city of Mumbai on Day 23. Quite an achievement already, if you ask us! Here's what he has to say about the city: From Pen to Mumbai The Mumbai City Have something to say? Post it in the comments!
When we talk of food recipes we usually think of replicating exotic cuisine we had during some fine dining. But preparing something overly elaborate is not always necessary to have a good time. In fact, most of the common items we take for granted can be enlivened by following the right recipe. Here are two examples: Masala Chai Dry Pepper Chicken Thandai Go ahead and try these out. And let us know what the experience was!